You're having a problem watching a Streamlike video, here are some answers.

I cannot hear any sound

Check that the volume is activated on both the player and your device.

Clear your browser cache and reload the page containing the video in error.

More and more browsers turn off the sound of videos launched in automatic playback mode.

The video looks poor

It may be because the video is so or because your internet connection is too low for you to see better quality at the moment. The video quality that you receive is determined automatically. Click on the gear icon or the "HD" symbol that shows on the player and select the highest value that is offered to you. If the image quality does not improve, there is no solution. If the video won't play or stops frequently, it is because your Internet speed is too low to see the highest quality.

The quality of the image changes during playback

This is because the speed of your internet connection varies. If you share your network with other users, it may be because they are taking up a large part of the available bandwidth at this very moment.

I did not find the answer to my problem

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